Chelsie Dawn Hellige

Daughter of Betty Hellige
St. Louis, Mo.
Year 2002 Graduate of
Lutheran High School North
....Chelsie graduated as an honor student.

~ 2006 HONORS ~
Chelsie graduated from the acclaimed University of Missouri at Columbia
Cum Laude
(with honors)

Congratulations, Chelsie!

I thought I would make it easy on myself and quote highlights from an article written about Chelsie in the January, 2002 edition of her school/church magazine: Chapel Of The Cross/Lutheran Labarum

".......Chelsie is seventeen, a senior and very busy. She has been a member of the National Honor Society throughout high school and won the National Science Merit Award and National Leadership and Service Award for her classroom achieve- ments.

Chelsie is extremely artistic and creative.......She really enjoys her Drama class...... Chelsie recently performed the lead role in Lutheran North's production of Inspec- ting Carol. While she has been involved in many Lutheran North productions in the past, this was by far the largest role that she has had. She was also involved in the Elvis production ......She is a member of the Drama Club at Lutheran North and the International Thespian Society.

Other creative areas of interest are painting and drawing. Another of her interests is Design which was a favorite class in her junior year. She....excelled in the class. She is interested in clay sculpting, having spent time in seventh and eighth grades restoring church statues...........

Chelsie has a great love of words. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories and intends to pursue a degree in Journalism............

After she graduates from Lutheran High School North, she will be attending her University of choice, Mizzou (University of Missouri, Columbia). It is one of the highest acclaimed Schools of Journalism in the country. She is interested in writing, tinkering with cameras and editing film, so she is unsure at this point which aspect of journalism she will pursue. She has also been accepted to Southwest Missouri State University."

Just for free, I also happen to know that a couple of years ago she was very into anything Australian. She had studied all about the country and even mimicked the accent. She used to have fun speaking with that accent to people who didn't know her.

Chelsie's prom picture



Chelsie turned 18 at the end of May, 2002