Cristy Ann Phelps

Daughter of Dan and Carol Phelps
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Year 2002 Graduate of
Central High School
Cristy graduated as an honor student.

~ 2006 HONORS ~
Cristy graduated from the acclaimed University of Missouri at Columbia
Summa Cum Laude
(with highest honors)

Congratulations, Cristy!

Her dad has written a short synopsis of Cristy's life to date. It reads:

"Cristy was born at 12:15 am, August 15, 1983 in Wichita, KS. Her mom, Carolyn was a phlebotomist at one of the hospitals in Wichita at the time. Carol worked a full day (running all over the hospital) that day. She went into labor around 7:15 pm. We had known since February that it was a girl. We bought a baby name book, but did not settle on a name until after she was born.

We moved to Cape Girardeau in December of 1983 when Cristy was four months old.

Cristy just couldn't wait to learn to read. She would ask "Daddy, what does that say?" She was always a good student. Now she's graduating sixth out of 285. I chide her about the lack of variety in her grades - "What, no C's or B's??" She took the SAT [ACT?] test several times. Her highest score was 31. She and Chelsie are both going to Mizzou (University of Missouri at Columbia). Cristy will initially major in international business. She will attend the Honors College. She gets the Bright Flight Scholarship and Curator money. That means that we only have to pay half!

In high school, she played Mellophone in the Cape Central Marching Band. She played the French Horn in the school band. She was in the Pom Pom squad, National Honor Society (president this year), Beta Club, French Club. She's been a good kid.

In 1999 she went to Europe as part of the foreign language tour. They visited England, France and Italy. It was there that she met Stephen N Limbaugh III, a fellow student at her own school. He was a year ahead, but they had to go to Europe to meet. Rush Limbaugh is Stephen's uncle. Stephen N Limbaugh II is currently Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court. They dated for two years until Stephen left for school at UMKC. They're still friends.

Cristy had been driving our old 1987 Buick Skylark that had only 55,000 miles on it. In January it came time to replace the car and now she has the newest car in the family! We got a 2000 Buick Regal GS. Insurance is awful. I drive a '93 Pk Ave Ultra that has 43xxx on it, Carol has a 1999 Regal GS with only 13xxx on it. Cristy's 18 now, so I put her on the title and set up some financing so she will get a good credit bureau rating. She's not even making the payments!!"

Just for free, I remember when Cristy was a wee little bitty thing and Danny was teaching her to recognize and know automobile make and model logos (it's a guy thing, you know). Cristy got very good at it and Danny had fun with it.