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NOTE: Henry Phelps has recently gone home. He passed away October 21, 2007 at the age of 88. It was definitely tough to let him go. He will be missed and loved by all his children, family, friends, neighbors and cohorts. You can't forget his sense of humor and very straight-forward and honest manner. He was definitely an authentic human being, loved by many. 

NOTE: Ann Phelps has gone home. She passed away July 28th, 2004. We will definitely miss her great sense of humor, her willing heart to love, her vibrant spirit, and all those great qualities that endeared her so much to all who knew her.

This page is not intended to slight our Mother, Gerda Phelps, of her due. These pages were developed during the later of 25 plus years that Henry and Ann were married. Perhaps at some time I will be creatively enthused to work on a page devoted to Mother as well. There is no shortage of material to publish on her behalf.

Henry Clay Phelps lll - Published before the decline of his health and death.

He was born in 1918 and immediately adopted into the Phelps family. His adoptive parents are all he knows and praises them for being good parents. You can find more information about them by reading his auto-biography

He had quite a few very interesting experiences growing up, and has expressed them in an as yet uncompleted auto-biography. He enjoys learning all he can. Several years ago he acquired a computer and together with the internet can keep his quest for information and learning somewhat challenged and fueled. He has also written about a trip he was privileged to take at the age of about seven. It's called "The Trip." 

He's always been in excellent health. But recently, in the summer of 2003, he suffered a heart attack, and was blessed to survive it in reasonably good health.

He was called to military service on June 16, 1944, and joined the Navy at that time. 

His interest in mechanics led him into learning machining and all manner of making and fixing things. In a nutshell, he went on to become truck fleet superintendent over 440 tractors and 1200 trailers. It included the maintenance of the fleet plus the buying and selling of rolling stock, fuel, tires, parts, etc. for the entire fleet. His boss for the better part of his life was the locally famed and late Charles N. Harris. You can read more about it in his auto-biography.

Seven children: Julie, Danny, David, Betty, Donna (myself), Peter, & Nancy. More information about them can be found under the Phelps Family. With Ann, her son, Dan Davidson is also family as well.

Fourteen grandchildren: four great-grandchildren

A widower in 1977, he did himself and the family a favor and married Ann in 1978, herself a widow. She has greatly blessed us and with her, has brought her son, Dan Davidson, and then his wife Georgeanne, into the family as well. Georgeanne has a son, Brian, and she and Dan have a son, Matthew.

Catholic religion; he has always been a weekly usher at mass. 

Rotary Club:
He is involved in the Rotary Club. Some years ago he was president of the local Rotary Club. His later years were spent as Sergeant at Arms faithfully at every meeting.

He helps look after people. If someone needs their lawn mowed or door fixed or anything like that, he is there to do it for them. He still mows his own lawn. He also plays around with his computer. He has a scanner and printer and all that stuff. He machines parts on his lathe in his basement. Only a couple of years ago, he actually replaced the engine in his El Camino, all by himself. See El Camino.

Recent newspaper article about Cape in its early days that Daddy knew as a youth. The article was written by a local Cape woman. When he recognized the area she was describing he decided to call her. He is then mentioned in her next article. See T.B.Y. Newspaper Article.

Ann Phelps - Published before the decline of her health and death.

Ann has lived in the area all her life. She knows a lot of people around town. It used to seem to my Dad that she knew people everywhere she went. She never seemed to run out of cousins and kinfolks and friends. She was blessed to have the camaraderie of many cousins and friends to laugh with and grow up around.

Ann has always been in good health. But around Feb. of 2002, I think it was, she broke both hips, and is no longer able to continue activities as usual.

*The information below was published before the decline of her health in recent times. 

One child: Dan Davidson (plus she more or less gained all of us Phelpsies. How good can it get -- grin)

One grandchild plus all the above mentioned. Yeah, she's set for life!

Lutheran; *she attends the Lutheran church regularly.

She likes to visit convalescent homes to help minister to the needs of the people.

She has always liked to go have fun. Any time she can get away on a trip, whether it's a cruise on Alaska cruise ships or a trip to Branson, Mo., if she has someone to go with, she's gone. But an automobile accident of a couple of years ago while on a trip to Branson, Mo. gave her a setback for a while.

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