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General Ed 101

Colin and I were married in Sept. of 1998. It was a tiny wedding in his home, but near perfect. It's a second marriage for each of us. We went on a two week honeymoon, one week in Jamaica and the second week in St. Lucia. I really liked St. Lucia :-)

Between the two of us, we have 5 children from previous marriages, and the grandchildren are beginning to really multiply! On Colin's side we have Lindy, Tania & Suzy - and on Donna's side we have Tara & David. To learn more about them, click on their links. BTW, we now have 17 beautiful grandchildren between us. 

We live in the Mojave Desert, in Quartz Hill, Ca. It's about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. It's definitely in the southwest. We have lots and lots of Mexican food restaurants and influence in these parts. Houses are stucco, mostly. There is a lot of Mexican/Mission architectural influence here. And around here, if you want something to grow besides joshua trees, sage brush and tumbleweeds, you have to water it faithfully. And people do plant all kinds of beautiful foliage here to dispel the glum brown.  Being in Southern California is being subject to fire dangers but our house is probably enough inside the development as to be somewhat protected from wildfire dangers. Over the years I have begun to really appreciate the beauty of the wide open expanse of land out here with foothills and mountains as the backdrop to the desert floor. I think it must be a change the Lord has done in me because for years I hated the desert. I missed the beautiful green rolling hills of Missouri where I was raised. It gets hot out here, though. It can reach 116 degrees in the summer. Yikes. In the winter it gets cold sometimes. This past winter it got down to the single digits at night. The elevation out here is at around 2,600 feet.

We've been in our new home since June of 2009 - new construction at the time and is 4,500 sq. ft. with a courtyard in the center of the house - on 1/2 acre. The kitchen is huge and we love it. We have some good size parties here. Our July 4th party in 2010 brought 91 guests that we were able to count. We LOVE the big parties! Normally they are for the 4th of July and then Christmas/New Years. But we don't allow alcoholic beverages and we seem to have a great time anyway. Imagine that! You can see pictures of our home here:

We both have pretty good health, thank God. We try to eat right and I use the treadmill 5 or 6 days a week. However, Colin suffered a very serious stroke in June of 2007. He was hospitalized for a month, and received therapy for a while after that. I'm just thankful for the recovery he has, which is quite a bit. At first he was paralyzed on his right side, had double vision and extremely slurred speech. Considering he couldn't move his own arm and leg, it's amazing to see him walk and using his right hand to do his technical drawings now. It's not 100%, but you just have to be thankful that he is as wholly functional as he is.  Some things are still a bit of a challenge for him but his enthusiasm for work and ministry drive him beyond the challenge and onward to better things. However, I believe he should get more physical exercise but I don't think that's gonna happen in this century...

The business (see
Colin's Business) was born here and seems to thrive in this desert land and so this is where it continues to reside. Colin and I both still work there. It continues to grow and be blessed. I now have a work phone here at the house in the office. It actually ties in with the phone system at work so I can take calls here, etc. when necessary. Colin also continues to run/overlook the business. He's working full time there developing new products and getting them to production.

Colin and I share the same birthday, January 24, although 15 years apart. But he was born in the summer on the other side of the world (down under) in Australia, eighth of ten children. I was born in the winter supposedly one second after midnight in the 'show me state' of Missouri, fifth of seven children.

We both seem to be creative. He sits around and sketches engineering drawings (he is always designing some piece of equipment or electronics circuit) and I will be making or composing something, and it's usually on the computer these days. He  employs landscapers to do the yard work, but I always have the usual housework to keep up with plus managing the household. We also both have rental houses so there's a certain amount of oversight that is involved as well. So, between the business, our home, the rentals and ministry, there is always something to attend to.

We used to eat out a lot but not so much any more. We're trying to be more health conscious so we eat at home most of the time. That puts me in the kitchen every day and more often at the grocery store but it's worth it. We have fish at least a couple of times a week and have switched to using olive oil and balsamic vinegar on our salads. You get the picture. I also like Indian curries. Like most people we do appreciate good food. Colin thinks the Mexican cuisine is a huge contribution to mankind. He LOVES it!  He also enjoys a well prepared lamb roast with mint sauce and peas and mashed potatoes - memories of meals in Australia. I don't serve it though, because it's too difficult to find good lamb here in the states.

Colin also has a heart to minister. He will teach and minister the things of the Lord to anyone who needs to know the truth, and will minister for hours for/with a willing soul. I'm good with that (people need help) as long as he takes care of himself, too.

Our cars: (You're supposed to be able to tell a lot about a person by the car they drive..?) I drive a '98 Buick Regal (bought new shortly after we were married) and he drives a 2008 Hummer - the H3. I'll get an upgrade when the time is right. Really, I'm in no hurry. As long as it runs well I'm happy with it. UPDATE: We finally did pull the trigger and bought a gorgeous 2013 Lincoln MKZ, a hybrid, white with light leather interior, retractable roof and with the latest technology. So that's what I get to drive. Colin is in the process of selling his Hummer. He'll eventually get a nice car for himself, too. He's really a car guy - and traditionally a FORD car guy.

Together we have been to Australia three times (to Sydney and Melbourne mostly), to visit family. Australia has kangaroos aplenty, that's for sure. And the coastline - miles and miles of pristine coastline! In May of 2006 we went to Nairobi, Kenya in east Africa for about two weeks for ministry purposes. While there we took a side trip to the Masai Mara - a game reserve where we went on a two day safari. What an incredible time that was! Unless you've been out there in the wild among the exotic wildlife that Africa offers, you cannot know the exhilaration that naturally follows. Our return flight back home was through Heathrow Airport in London, England. Seizing the opportunity, we stayed a couple of days in London to travel and sightsee. It was a wonderful trip all in all. We've also been to Mexico (pretty typical for a Californian), Canada, St. Lucia and Jamaica, and Hawaii, of course. He's been to a lot of other places including Alaska, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea and more.

Anyway, all this is for free. If you REALLY want to know more, visit the separate categories to the left. And if you can get through all of these pages, kudos to you for endurance!


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