For purposes of keeping from coming up on a search engine for the company, the company will be referred to as PAM on this web site. It's a manufacturing business of electrical products.

To view the company web site, click HERE (it will open in a new window), or click on the graphic at the top. On the front page of the web site you can see pictures of the products, and more in the individual categories. Hopefully we'll be updating the look of the website sometime soon. In the meantime we'll let the website speak for the business. 

What Colin Does

We both still work during the week. Colin goes in and does a lot in the R & D department, as that's the part he enjoys the most. He also oversees aspects of the business in various departments. Colin actually designed and machined some of the tooling such as hydraulic presses that are used to make the fronts and backs of some of the products. He designs and builds tooling for numerous other products, as well.

R & D is involving producing a whole different line of products. He is ALWAYS developing new products.

Colin had the opportunity in January 2006 to purchase space for the business. He now owns this 10,000 sq. ft. space and is buying another 10,000 sq. ft.

We have also attended the Electric West show in Las Vegas (hence, our picture on the homepage of us in the Venetian Hotel on a gondola).

He also attends the WESTEC show. It's the west coast industrial machinery show in Los Angeles every other year. I've gone several times. It is very interesting. Pray for manufacturing in this country. That Westec show used to be HUGE, and hosted every year. Now, it has shrunk up to a very small show, and is hosted only every two years. It's truly sad to see what has happened to manufacturing in this country.

The business has a lot of potential for growth, including in other countries as we begin to branch out more into other areas. In 2006 Colin and I went to Kenya, Africa, for several purposes - business and ministry. Although we would like to see growth in Kenya, it has so far evaded us. However, we do sell in Tunisia.

Colin and I have had to travel to the G.R.A.I.N.G.E.R. headquarters in the Chicago area for a training seminar to inform them of technical aspects of our products, which they sell for us in their catalogs. For that we put together a training Power Point Presentation, PAM Presentation 101.wmv. It can be viewed from this page: Training.

What Donna Does

I am responsible for developing and maintaining the company websites - both English and Spanish, the product brochures - both English and Spanish and advertising ads in magazines. We advertise in about 50 publications. I also maintain the sizing guidelines and troubleshooting database for the business use and take technical phone calls for both sizing and troubleshooting. I do a lot of computer work - which has included PowerPoint presentations (used in training our dealers). However, I think the extent of my web authoring abilities are proving inadequate in this age of evolving programming and coding, ever changing. Perhaps sooner rather than later we'll get a whole new website with all the bells and whistles.


This is all in my own words. I'm sure Colin would have other interesting comments as well.


Last updated July 25, 2013