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These are ads that I composed in Adobe Illustrator. The converter graphics I first edit in Photoshop. During composition of an ad, I ask for input from people at work for ideas and which layouts they like the best, etc. They come up with some very helpful suggestions and input. So together we come up with a cross section of our combined approach geared toward different industry magazines. These include the electrical industry, farm and agriculture, woodworking, metalworking, printing, machine shop owners and the home hobbyist. The industries we advertise in will be expanding as we go.
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This ad has many variation, both full color


and spot color (one color) and grayscale.




This is a full page ad


This ad has only these 2 variations



Click on ad to see it larger


This ad has 14 different variations




Half of the variations are full color, the others are

  spot color (one color) and grayscale.
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