Kitchen window and sliding screen door curtains


Wow, styles have sure changed since then. This was done back in the 80s. Flowers, lace and frills were big then.

The house that I rented for 7 years needed improvement, and I thought it was worth putting time, effort, and not too much $ into making it home-sweet-home. So in the kitchen I put up the least expensive wallpaper I could find - just like the background on this page, which went with the dove gray flooring in the house. I found inexpensive fabric and lace and got to work on these curtains for the window and sliding patio door. I also put up the vertical blinds.

The table was a glass top patio table and I used those cheap white plastic chairs. But I put matching cushions on the seats and backs for comfort (not shown here). Sometimes I used a tablecloth and sometimes not. But it was an effect that worked in that area and for that time.