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White House Replica at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, Ca.

This is a 70 foot replica of the White House, which will be on display at this location until March of 2005. Colin & I went there on our anniversary weekend in Sept. of 2004. I thought you might like to see it, too.

The scale is 1" per foot. You may notice the blue hues cast on it. There's a very blue wall facing the display. Too bad, because it caused this blue hue to be cast on many of the pictures that I took. Also note that we were not allowed to use flash. My camera adjusted for it, resulting in slower shutter speeds. Consequently, a lot of the pictures are somewhat blurry. I took a lot of pictures, but some were disappointing. Here you'll see some good ones, and some fuzzy ones, and some of them not at all.

This project was started about 40 years ago by John & Jan Zweifel, family and volunteers as a "Gift to the people from the people" and is continually improved upon. The limited information I have about it is taken from a couple of postcards I picked up there, as there were no brochures available to inform us. You can read more facts below.

This was my first experience at a presidential library, so I have nothing to compare it with. But the library / museum was really very impressive, and supposedly all privately funded.

Facts about the White House in Washington, D.C.

Facts about the White House Replica
(As of 2001)

  • 5 major floors

  • 132 rooms

  • 32 bathrooms

  • 28 fireplaces

  • 147 windows

  • Cornerstone laid Oct. 13, 1792

  • First occupied Nov. 1, 1800 by President Adams

  • Sandstone-Brick

  • Original cost $232,371.83

  • 3 elevators & 7 staircases


  • Over 43 years to build
  • Over 680,000 man hours in construction
  • Tour since 1975, viewed by over 49 million people
  • Scale 1" = 1 Ft.  Sq.
  • Over 1 million $ invested in research and materials
  • Made with the same materials and paints as the original
  • Over 385 showings in all 50 states and 385 around the world

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