Suzanne and Michael

Suzy and Mike at a Ball held by Australian diplomats in Washington, D.C. Balls are common social events among the Australian people.

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Suzy moved to Sydney, Australia from the Los Angeles, Ca. area in the summer of 2000 upon acceptance of a supervisory position with one of the "dot com" companies of that time. There she met Mike, who is serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

They have since married and proudly welcomed a beautiful daughter, Delilah into the family:

Delilah was born October 8, 2001 in Sydney, Australia

One month later Michael was called to serve in the Middle East for 4 months. During this time Suzy and Delilah came to the USA and visited with her sister, Tania and family in Seattle, Wa. She then came to the Palmdale area and visited with her dad and myself and her sister, Lindy. Suzy and Delilah left the states in mid January to return to Sydney.

Michael accepted a 3 year post in Washington, D.C. as a diplomat of the Royal Australian Navy which started in January 2004.

Since that time, little Greta was born to them, another beautiful daughter:

Greta was born February 20, 2004 in Washington, D.C. 

A son, Lachlann, was born to them on New Year's Eve, 2006, also in Washington, D.C. His birth was on the 80th birthday of his grandfather on his dad's side.

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