live in Issaquah, Wa., which is in the Seattle area. 

Tania graduated from college with flying colors. She and were married and then she went on to be employed ultimately by a pharmaceutical company to research findings on new drugs. Her responsibilities included many other tasks, including payroll and educating doctors at seminars on the latest findings. That's just as I understand it and stating it very simplistically at that.

She was able to phase out her time of employment as the children came and as 's rewards for his labors increased rapidly and handsomely. Antoine networks to find the best solutions of transporting freight for companies, both nationally and internationally, and then makes sure it is done right. His job requires traveling both here and abroad. At the bottom is a picture of 's business card. I did not name the company here in text because if I did, this web site ( could come up on someone's search for his company. We don't want that...

was originally from Lebanon, was raised some in Europe, and speaks several languages fluently. 

He has chosen to make his home in the US, and has just recently obtained his US citizenship. Congratulations !

The rewards of their labors are allowing them to build a beautiful new home in Issaquah. It is a 6500 sq. ft. home, with marble imported from Lebanon. The property is high and has a wonderful view overlooking a large expanse of the area. The planning and purchasing of supplies and overseeing the project has been an intense and huge project that has kept Tania very very busy as the main overseer from start to finish. They saw the completion of the house in December, 2002 and are now enjoying its occupancy.

There will be ample space to rear their family of four sons, with room for more, should they be *blessed* with more children in the future.

June 2003

This is part of 's business card, enough to see the logo and the web site address for those who are interested to check it out.