Quick facts:

These pages on
Tara, Mark and family were
composed around 2000 to 2006
so they are way outdated,
especially for  the children.

Mark is still growing his
computer programming
and IP business. He also
coaches at the local high
school. Tara is an employee
for Mark's business, doing
payroll and sales. She
recently has done technical
writing for another company.
She has become quite the avid
sports fan/facilitator, volunteering
on behalf of the teams they support.

Brooke is a beautiful 16 year old
now, an "A" student. She also
is on a softball team and plays

Clay is now 10 years old. He
plays baseball and soccer. He
also is a very good student and
loves to read.

Noah is 8 years old, also
in sports, including soccer. He is
artistic and like his siblings before
him he also is a very good reader
and student.

Sheriff is Sheriff; still naughty
from time to time but beloved
[mostly] by the family.

This update: late 2011