Hello from
our home in
the Redwoods!

We live in the mountains in the
California Redwoods
-- and love it!

Hello from Tara & Mark!  

Tara and Mark live in a little Scottish settlement town in the Santa Cruz mountain area of the San Lorenzo Valley. There are clusters of little bitty mountain towns up there on Highway 9.

They are kept very busy raising 8 year old Brooke and Clay who is now 3 years old, and Noah who is 1-1/2 years old. All this will keep them very very busy. Plus, they care for Mark's 14 year old cousin, Stephani, who lives with them. So there you go ....  6 people in the household!

I used to have the baby pictures of the boys on this page. Well, it was time to take them off - as hard as it was. It's rather old news now.

Last updated Fall 2004

Here are a few pictures of their house now. It is currently quite small. However, they are expanding the house very soon to better accommodate their growing family. Mark works out of the house. He is a computer programmer working as a Cold Fusion developer. 

Angle view

This is the house that Mark bought approx. 7 years ago. It is on a corner lot & includes two lots. Because the house is so small, plans are being made to expand the house quite a bit. 

Side View

This is a side view of the house to show the neat little yard.  Also, the small high window in the center was just added last year to the bathroom as Mark completely remodeled it to suite the family needs.

The neat yard Mark put in

When Mark first bought the house, the whole yard was full of trees & weeds. He had to remove most trees and plant grass. Also, he designed and put in the curved cement walkway with railroad ties between slabs.

Here's the yard he put in on one side of the house. Notice the fence in the background. He built the entire fence around the yard, too. I understand the yard was basically nil until he transformed it.

The picture below is of the fence that Mark built around the house. Tara & Mark painted the house which used to house Mark & roommates; in other words,  bachelors! Needless to say the house needed some extra TLC to make it more suitable for family living. 

Just a small picture to show you the very large fence that Mark put up around the house.

The great wall

There is a building in the back of the house which is half garage and half office space.