Baby Blessings


Newest Arrival!

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Dimitri Brian Shipp

Born To: 
David & Kerm Shipp
February 3, 2011

Palmdale, Ca. - U.S.A.


My Brothers: Dante & William
My Sisters: Katarina,Tatiana & Natalia

My first day here!


NEWS! -About David and Kerm's Family:
I never had the opportunity to post the birth of William. Actually, they adopted him. He was born and put into the foster care system. David and Kerm knew about it and could not pass up giving him a home with them. But it didn't happen immediately, but rather took a few months before they got him as an infant, and a couple of years before the adoption was finalized. Below is baby William. BTW, although his given name was William, David and Kerm are keeping it for him. David's grandfather on his father's side was William, and William's middle name is now Larry,
after David's late father, Lary.

William Larry Shipp
Born January 21, 2008