40th Reunion
September 2009

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 -at Happy Hour / KFVS Towers
-at Celebrations Downtown
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May I just say..
I'm sorry it took so very long to complete these pages, basic as they are and a bit more disjointed this time. The creative juices have to flow - a challenge amid an already full schedule. I know you're all probably just grateful to have it done at all and so I thank you for your patience and understanding.



  6:00 PM Friday - Casual Open House


Our first evening together was a casual affair at Jim and Teresa's. It started at 6:00 PM. See more about it here.
   4:00 PM Saturday - Mass at St. Mary's

Saturday afternoon things got started with Mass at 4:00 PM at St. Mary's Cathedral. A section of pews was reserved for our class. Barb (Steimle)Wehner coordinated the Mass for us.

Sister Donna (Rose Michelle) attended Mass at St. Mary Cathedral with our class. 

As Teresa said, "Speaking of the Mass, Fr. Tom Kiefer, pastor, welcomed us warmly and truly made the Mass a beautiful part of the weekend for us."

   5:30 PM Saturday - Happy Hour Cocktails



Following Mass, at about 5:30 PM drinks were served up at KFVS Towers at 310 Broadway. I didn't attend this event. Belinda gave me pictures she took and those are the only ones I have. If you have more that should be posted, please get them to me. Thanks.
   7:00 PM Saturday - Dinner and More Carousing

An absolutely delicious dinner was served at Celebrations Downtown at 19 South Spanish St. (see picture of the restaurant above). Doors opened at 7:00 PM. We all had such a great time together. It was so good to see everybody. But it was TOO LITTLE time together, that's for sure - WAY too little.
   9:00 PM Saturday - Class Picture


Our class picture was taken at approx. 9:00 PM. You can see it here.
    Cost of Events

The cost of the evening was $25.00 per person, with an extra charge for the group picture. More details about that on the Group Picture page.


We always want to know who all attended - that's the good part. The event is as good as those who show up, and we did have a great turnout - even better than last time. For those who were absent, it would have been stellar had you been there, too. You may think you don't make a positive difference or an impact, but you do, believe me. You may think that you were never popular in high school or maybe even a nobody - never even noticed or that nobody cares whether you're there or not. But you were noticed and we do care AND you're missed greatly when we all get together. We're always looking for those others who don't make it and you're mentioned by name. How we'd love to spend some time with you once again. We don't care if you're heavy or bald or more wrinkled (like us) or anything like that - it's still YOU!..

At our last reunion we had 35 classmates show up. That was 35 for our 35th reunion! Cool, huh. Well, this time we had 40 classmates for our 40th reunion!! That's even cooler. Teresa figures the turnout represented 53% of our living classmates and that's very good - although we can always improve those numbers!

Attendees were:

Mike Bell Mike Kohlfeld Diane Lape (Miller)
Mary Ann Bles (Ostendorf) Tom LeGrand Debbie Friese
John Boos Cathy Little (Cheek) Belinda Mattingly (Carter)
Barb Capshaw (Kohlfeld) Jim Maurer Teresa Rhodes (Maurer)
Kathy Christensen (Shivelbine) Dotty Maxwell (Sides) Joe Robert
Brenda DeBrock (LeGrand) Kitty McCrate (Anderson) Richard Robert
Sharon Diebold (Carlquist) Jane Miller (Paul) Pat Ruopp
Owen Elfrink Ronnie Moll LeeAnna Scherer (Schultz)
Frank Essner Judy Nenninger (Lawrence) Janette Seyer (Bennett)
Joan Gerringer (Dohogne) Marc Patterson Linda Seyer (Hurt)
Carol Glueck Donna Phelps (Johnstone) Sarah Smith (DeHaas)
Dale Harris Sancy Pobst (Robinson) Barbara Steimle (Wehner)
Ted Henkebein   Donna Stubenrauch (Bell)
Becky Hoffman (Essner)   Clara Westrich (Scherer)

Our surprise attendee of the evening - David Niswonger! Yeah, he came and it was delightful to see him again.

We have lost 9* of our classmates early on - they left us way too young. Their absence has certainly left a very sad void. See Memorial for a tribute to the deceased classmates. The good news is that since our last reunion five years ago we have not lost a single person - let's see if we can keep that going for many years to come.

*Sadly, since that was penned, we have since lost another classmate, making that 10 now. See News, below.

    Those Who Came from Out of State
California: Marc Patterson,  Donna Phelps (Johnstone)
Connecticut: Sharon Diebold (Carlquist)
Texas: Sarah Smith (DeHaas)
Florida: Dale Harris,  Belinda Mattingly (Carter)
Kentucky: Kitty McCrate (Anderson),  Janette Seyer (Bennett),  Sandy Pobst (Robinson)
         Interesting Facts -  I use "approximate" in the calculations because some classmates were with us in different years of
                                         high school, not just our senior graduating class.


GUYS: Our last reunion had a "guy" turnout of only 10 and we really wanted to see that improved and you did a really great job of coming through. This year there were 14!! That's fantastic considering there are about 30 [living] guys in our class. Approx. 47% of the guys showed up. Maybe next time you can way outnumber the girls' percentages.......

GALS: This time 26 gals turned out, one more than last time - out of the approx. 41 [living] girls in our class. So, approx. 63% of the girls showed up. Whoohoo! We won! - again.


Some sad news has happened since our 40th reunion. Two of our classmates have suffered the loss of their husbands:
  • Belinda Mattingly (Carter) lost her beloved Lamar, the outcome of a traffic accident.
  • Sharon Diebold (Carlquist) lost her beloved Mo, the outcome of sickness.

I am so sorry to report that we have also lost another classmate, Marc Patterson, on November 22, 2012. The information I have is that Marc lost his battle with a brief bout of lung cancer. Marc was faithful to attend the class reunions, even all the way from California. We're so thankful to have had that time with him at our reunions...

If anyone would like to post some other type of news that you think we would all be interested to know about, please contact me with the information and I'll try to get it up here in a more timely manner. It can be good news, too, BTW.



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