The brick background on this page is from a picture taken at Port Cape at the reunion. The walls in that old historical building are all brick.


ur 35th Reunion schedule of events:
  • 5:00 PM Mass at St. Vincent de Paul Church (we had a section reserved) 

  • The names of those who are now deceased were read at the mass in a memorial to them.

  • 6:30 PM "Happy Hour" - Port Cape - Old Town Cape (upstairs)

  • 7:30 PM Dinner Port Cape 

  • The cost for the evening was $17.50/person, $35.00/couple. This amount represents the meal cost/room rental, memorials to families of deceased classmates AND the purchase of a brick and/or an addition of some sort to the HONOR GARDEN at Notre Dame High School engraved with our class year.

  • Donna Fisher, SSND (Sister Rose Michelle) was scheduled to attend, but was unable to keep the engagement. She just celebrated her 50th anniversary as a Notre Dame sister this June.


These reunions don't just appear out of nowhere. They are the result of the joint efforts of Teresa Rhodes (Maurer) and Brenda DeBrock (LeGrand). It takes a lot of coordinated planning, mailouts, gathering information, composing spreadsheets, contacting the restaurant, the church, the guests, scheduling, collecting funds, keeping books, emailing, calling, and the list goes on and on. And now Teresa has me bugging her constantly for all the names and assorted information and so forth so the information on these pages will be accurate. So, let's take some time to thank Teresa and Brenda for putting it all together for us. Thank you, Teresa and Brenda - for a job very well done!

Also: Actually, these pages were not my idea. It was suggested to me by Cyrus Glastetter to post some pages to showcase the pictures from the reunion for those who couldn't make it this time. Good idea! Plus, it brings to memory the great time we had there for those who did go. And, by the way, if any of you notice I've excluded some information that should be here, or have stated information wrongfully, please let me know so I can correct it. My email address is donna@phase-a-matic.com - or by snail mail at 39755 Gorham Lane, Palmdale, Ca. 93551, or by phone: 661-266-0653.

Attendees: 35 for 35 (35 classmates attended our 35th reunion) Names listed in alphabetical order with married name in parentheses:

Mike Bell
Mary Ann Bles
John Boos
Barb Capshaw
Sharon Diebold
Owen Elfrink
Betty Ernst
Frank Essner
Debbie Friese 
Joan Geringer
Linda Glastetter
Carol Glueck

Becky Hoffman (Essner)
Mike Kohlfeld
Diane Lape
Belinda Mattingly
Jim Maurer
Dotty Maxwell
Kitty McCrate
Jane Miller
Ronnie Moll
Judi Nenninger
Donna Phelps
Teresa Rhodes

Judy Ritch (McClard)
Pat Ruopp
Marcus Schaefer
LeeAnna Scherer
Bob Schumacher
Janette Seyer
Linda Seyer
Barb Steimle
Donna Stubenraugh
JoAnn Wengert
Gladys Williams

Those who came from out of state:

California: Donna Phelps (Johnstone)
Connecticut: Sharon Diebold (Carlquist)
Florida: Belinda Mattingly (Carter)
Georgia: Bob Schumacher
Kentucky: Kitty McCrate (Anderson), Janette Seyer (Bennett)
Tennessee: Gladys Williams (Young)


There were classmates who had paid to be there (including some airline tickets), but were unable to attend at the last minute. These classmates were:

Kathy Christensen (Shivelbine) - resides in Cape Girardeau
Dale Harris
resides in Florida - the hurricanes kept him from coming
David Seesing
resides in Texas

We're really sorry it didn't materialize - it would have been GREAT to have you there!! 

As for all of the classmates who were not scheduled to attend, each one of you were missed VERY MUCH - whether you know it or not. Please try to come to the reunions if it's at all possible. You really do help to make it a greater success. Truly, the lack of your presence is definitely felt. We REMEMBER you!!! - and miss you! The only other reunion I attended was our 10th, this being my first one to attend since then, and it was soooo much better. Probably because we've gone through a few things, and have matured some. I'm still thinking of those I didn't spend any or little time with this time, and regret it. I'd go back again to make up for lost time with them, too. But what a thrill it was to see those that did come. I knew it would be good, and it was far better than expected! 


The pictures that are posted so far are mostly from the reunion itself. But it was also suggested by Cyrus Glastetter (he's had some very good suggestions) to post recent pictures of classmates who could not attend. I agree 100%. SO - for all of you who could not make it to the reunion, please send us a recent picture of yourself. It can be either a regular film developed photo, or a digital picture via email or disc. Those pictures will be posted in a separate category as they come in, and as I get the opportunity to update these pages.

For your information:

1.  There were about 80 graduates in our class.

2.  Our class produced 8 couples, and the following 6 lasting couples, which account for approx. 15% of our class:

     Brenda DeBrock & Tom LeGrand
     Barb Capshaw & Mike Kohlfeld
     Donna Stubenrauch & Mike Bell
     Teresa Rhodes & Jim Maurer
     Kathy Watson & Vernon Westrich
     Judy Lappe & Mike Burger

4. Our graduating class had 47 girls, and 33 guys. That's about 59% girls and 41% guys. This reunion turned out 10 guys and 25 girls - or 33% of our remaining guys and about 61% of our remaining girls. This is a glaring statistic. What it means, guys, is that you've got to do a better job of coming to the reunions. See if you can beat the ladies percentage-wise next time around.........! Admittedly, had Dale and David been able to attend as scheduled, those percentages would have been better for the guys this time.

3. At the count of 9, almost 12% of our class is deceased. Or, on a more upbeat note, that means that a full 88% are still kicking. See Memorial for a tribute to the deceased classmates. I think it goes without saying how much these classmates meant to us, and what a void they leave in our midst. I would be amiss if this page did not record those who will never come to another reunion:

     Mike Drury
     Dolores Glastetter
     Ruth Kesterson
     Patty Kiehne
     John Meyers - JB
     Terry Oberle
     Susan Shaw
     Barbara Unterreiner (Stern)
     Debra Wiist

Hopefully, this list will not increase by the time of our next reunion.


Your suggestions may see their way onto these pages as well.