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To the class of '69   

These pages are dedicated to all the Notre Dame Alumni who attended the school at any time with the graduating class of '69.

A little about this site:

I want this to be a place to come and remember the people we spent every day with in school. Some of these relationships go as far back as first grade in elementary school. And then in high school we met those from other schools and towns, and made new friends. I also want to include those who attended with our class for some or most of the years, but did not graduate with the class for any reason.

My desire is to serve everybody with these pages. You can email me to make suggestions, or to send photos, etc. For those that don't know, my name used to be Donna Phelps - or Toot - hence, the name of this parent web site, These pages are piggybacked on my personal web site. The address of this page is

Side Note: The two pictures of the school above were black and whites - the only pictures I have of the school - scanned in from our yearbook, the Silhouette. Because they were so plain, I decided to colorize them. The colors aren't true, but it's an improvement over black and white - all I had to work with.

Donna Johnstone
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